Ironworkers Local #7 – Facilities Study

Ironworkers Local #7 – Facilities Study

|   Boston, MA
Overview: BIA was commissioned to study the feasibility of expanding the existing apprentice program as well as a new structured parking garage in support of the Ironworkers Local #7 in South Boston. With apprentice classes of 150 students at a time and a membership of over 3000 total, apprentices and journeymen alike, the current facility regularly struggles to accommodate the day to day parking needs of the membership. After conducting an in-depth outcomes and program assessment, BIA uncovered particular needs for expansion of the apprentice instructional facilities as well as pressing deferred maintenance items in the existing building. Further, BIA investigated the zoning and urban design regulations and met with Boston Planning and Development Agency to ascertain how current and proposed modifications to the existing zoning regulations may impact the union’s ability to grow and expand.

BIA prepared three design concepts with a program consisting of an attached 300-car parking garage, 23,000 gsf of expanded apprentice space and accommodation of the identified deferred maintenance. Comparative cost estimates were prepared and a full evaluation was made in conjunction with client’s stakeholder group in order to identify their preferred alternative.


Ironworkers Local #7
146,000 sf
Zoning Analysis, Program Development, Concept Design, Cost Estimation
Bertaux + Iwerks Architects
Date: November 15, 2017