SSA Woods Hole Temporary Terminal

Woods Hole Temporary Ferry Terminal Building

|   Woods Hole, MA
Overview: The entire Woods Hole Ferry Terminal, including all waterfront and landside components, has exceeded its useful life and must be completely reconfigured and rebuilt. The first step in the 8-year-long reconstruction process was the design and installation of a temporary terminal building to enable continuous operation during the initial 6 years of construction.

Modular System: The 3,600 sf temporary terminal is a modular structure comprised of six 12’ x 60’ units, elevated 3 feet above grade to help protect against storms and potential flood waters. The facility provides a customer waiting room, ticket operations, concession area, public restrooms, and operations support. A large outdoor deck and queuing area are also provided for customer convenience and safety.

Exterior: The exterior of the building is wrapped in enlarged navigation charts depicting the harbor areas of Woods Hole and Martha’s Vineyard. This large-scale graphic helps the building fit into the context and provides a layer of visual interest that connects with the community and curious travelers.

Flood Zone: The terminal is located in an AE13 flood plain, and as a result, it was necessary to obtain a State code variance to permit the temporary facility to be situated below the required minimum elevation level for the 6-year period that it will be in operation.

Steamship Authority
3,600 SF
Full architectural services
Date: November 25, 2017