Vent Building 7

Vent Building 7

|   Logan Airport MA
Overview: Located at the edge of Logan Airport, this 102,000 square foot ventilation building functions as a huge lung, pumping fresh air into the Ted Williams Tunnel – which links the city of Boston to East Boston – and extracting fume-filled air out.

The building is divided into two sections: the intake section is composed of horizontal gray louvers and vertical concrete risers, while the exhaust section consists of aluminum rainscreen panels surmounted by 14 towers of concrete and stainless steel.

The building received the Boston Society of Architects prestigious J. Harleston Parker Award as the “Most Beautiful Building in Boston.”

Massachusetts Highway Department
102,000 GSF
$15 M
Chris Iwerks served as Design Principal while with TAMS Architecture
Complete architectural services for design through construction phases
Peter Vanderwalker
Date: November 19, 2016