ZNE Asset Assessment

Zoo New England – Asset Assessment Study

|   Boston & Stoneham, MA
Overview: Bertaux+Iwerks Architects conducted a survey of existing facilities at the Franklin Park and Stone Zoos, encompassing 98 acres and 116 building, exhibit and infrastructure assets totaling over 181,000 square feet. BIA and its engineering team conducted walkthroughs of the facilities, documenting existing conditions, evaluations, recommendations, priority ratings and cost estimates in an Asset Evaluation Report.
Details: Each component of an asset was given a priority rating relating to the urgency of the problems identified. The priority ratings were associated with a time frame to record the relative urgency of the remedial work to be undertaken. Facilities with potential life/safety risks to occupants were identified for immediate action. The information collected was also developed into a database which provides cost modeling for future deferred maintenance and new construction projects, which was conveyed to Zoo New England for its ongoing use in the management and monitoring of its assets.



Zoo New England
FPZ 72 Acres / SZ: 26 Acres
FPZ 60 Buildings / 133,339 SF
SZ 21 Buildings / 107,000 SF
FP: $27.3M / SZ: $3.3M over 8 Years
Asset evaluation survey and report

Date: September 24, 2017